Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One month

It's amazing how fast time goes. I remember starting college like it was yesterday- and now I have a degree. They say each year of your life goes faster than the one before. I would agree. When I was little, the days at the beach seemed to never end. Now they're over in the blink of an eye and a new week is starting.

I'm on to a new chapter in my life and surrendering the pen to God. For next year, He titled the chapter "Honduras." The story starts out with me accepting a job at Academia Los Pinares as the elementary school PE teacher. Even the best of authors would have a hard time describing my emotions right now, I'll try... I'm excited, but excited really isn't a good word because it's so limited. It's more like "pumped" or "thrilled." There's that nervous sort of excitement like before a big game or a presentation. I've studied, taught, served, prayed, and now I'm ready for the adventure to begin! But there's also a bit of anxiety... going somewhere I've never been, being a full time teacher for the first time, and living overseas from my family and friends. I'm feeling extremely vulnerable and learning to trust in the Lord more and more each day. My life is in the hands of God no matter what happens... and I certainly don't have any control!!

My prayer right now is that I may have joy in Christ and continue to trust in him as he leads me down the path he has willed for my life. I board the plane August 8 at 6am. Please pray for me in this last month that God may prepare me and fill me with unlimited joy and love to pour out to the children in Honduras.