Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One season done, another one begun

Basketball season is officially wrapped up, except for the team party :) We had our final 2 games last week. The girls finished 2-8 and third in the Tegucigalpa tournament. They did a great job and improved SO much! It was fun to coach them. They were wonderful girls. The thing that I loved the most, was their attitude. They put forth an amazing effort, came every day ready to play, and worked well together. They were also an amazing example of Christ-like character. We set aside a few minutes each day for team devotions. It was amazing to see how God was working in each of their lives. They have hearts of gold, and continuously talked about how much they wanted to play basketball to glorify God. They put a smile on my face even on the most difficult teaching days. The pictures are from us at the Tegucigalpa tournament the last 3 weeks.

And now, life moves on and volleyball season has started. I am coaching the Juvenile team, 11th and 12th graders. It's quite the different dynamics! I am just getting to know the girls and so far they have been great! We've had a couple of days of hard conditioning and fundamentals practices. After a week, I still only have 5 girls at practice, with word that there are 3 more on the way but have been sick. We'll see! I hope that we'll be able to field a team. If not, we'll be moving some girls up. Saturday will be our last practice before the break. Next week they have off. It feels good to be on the volleyball court again. :) Drills and skills keep randomly coming back to me as I coach! Practices go by so quickly! I'm grateful for the transition. As much as I loved my basketball team, I was ready for a change.

11 days until I'm home! I can hardly believe it! It's going fast! This week we have 2 school concerts and then 2 different Christmas parties this weekend! 'Tis the season!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

self contained underwater breathing apparatus... aka: SCUBA

Early morning, clouds covered,
lightly raining, sunrise smothered.
Boarded and headed out to sea;
not prepared for what's beneath.

Waves rolled, boat lurched
tank strapped ready I perched.

Then one step flipper first,
right hand on mask left on waist.
Bobbed back up, signal ok;
the scuba experience moments away.
Buddy check, good to go
and discover the world down below.

My eyes opened, time to explore
so much to see colors galore.

Beauty and majesty with rich detail
delicacy and grace from plant to tail.
Fish so unique never seen before
all shapes, sizes, and coats of color they wore.
coral of variety beyond words to describe;
intricate creation as God prescribed.

My eyes lost in vast array
mountain of beauty majestic display.

My mind unable to wrap around,
the life before me so profound.

From the depths to the heights
creation reveals marvelous sights.

To see it all and not believe;
to experience and not perceive...
a God above all powerful
creator, redeemer all wonderful.
Back to the surface from below
no words worthy of the show.

In excitement mixed with reverence,
"God is good," broke the silence.